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DNS delegation of www.msn.com.mx updated:


9redirection.prod.cms.msn.com.akadns.net.akadns.net.a28-129.akadns.org. a9-128.akadns.net. a18-128.akadns.org. a3-129.akadns.net. a7-131.akadns.net. a13-130.akadns.org. a1-128.akadns.net. a11-129.akadns.net. a5-130.akadns.org. a12-131.akadns.org.
We pick g.root-servers.net, one of the 13 root servers (1), and ask it about www.msn.com.mx and learn that mx is delegated to six name servers (2), so we ask i.mx-ns.mx where we learn that msn.com.mx is delegated to four name servers, including ns4.msft.net (3), so we ask that one where we see a CNAME from www.msn.com.mx to redirection.prod.cms.msn.com, so we have to start all over again. We pick l.root-servers.net, one of the 13 root servers (4), and ask it about redirection.prod.cms.msn.com and learn that com is delegated to 13 name servers (5), so we ask h.gtld-servers.net where we learn that msn.com is delegated to four name servers, including ns4.msft.net (6), so we ask that one and see a second CNAME from redirection.prod.cms.msn.com to redirection.prod.cms.msn.com.akadns.net. We start over for the third time and we pick d.root-servers.net, one of the 13 root servers (7), and ask it about redirection.prod.cms.msn.com.akadns.net and learn that net is delegated to 13 name servers (8), so we ask k.gtld-servers.net where we learn that akadns.net is delegated to ten name servers, including a28-129.akadns.org (9), so we ask that one and see yet another CNAME from redirection.prod.cms.msn.com.akadns.net to legacy-redirection-eastus-prod-hp.cloudapp.net. We have yet again to start all over and we already know that a.gtld-servers.net is authoritative for net (10) and ask it about legacy-redirection-eastus-prod-hp.cloudapp.net and learn that cloudapp.net is delegated to four name servers (11), so we ask prd1.azuredns-cloud.net and get the following answer:

Authoritative answer

ANSWER for www.msn.com.mx.
www.msn.com.mx.3600 CNAME redirection.prod.cms.msn.com.
ANSWER for redirection.prod.cms.msn.com.
redirection.prod.cms.msn.com.900 CNAME redirection.prod.cms.msn.com.akadns.net.
ANSWER for redirection.prod.cms.msn.com.akadns.net.
redirection.prod.cms.msn.com.akadns.net.300 CNAME legacy-redirection-eastus-prod-hp.cloudapp.net.
ANSWER for legacy-redirection-eastus-prod-hp.cloudapp.net.
legacy-redirection-eastus-prod-hp.cloudapp.net.60 A13.82.28.61 legacy-redirection-eastus-prod-hp.cloudapp.net points to

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